Best Workouts for the Perfect Bikini Body

With summer right around the corner, every woman’s concern is related to how fit she is and good how she will look in a bathing suit. Given the size of a bikini, the entire body must be sculptured so the woman will look stunning and attract all the attention on the beach. For this to happen, some workout is required to work the muscles and burn excess body fat, so take a look at the best workouts that will give you the dream bikini body.
Best Workouts for the Perfect Bikini Body Picture Best Workouts for the Perfect Bikini Body Picture

A rowing machine session

For a full body workout, try the rowing machine that mimics the movements of rowing a boat down a river using two oars. The complex movements of your arms and legs involve muscles in the entire body from your calves to the hips and all the way to the shoulders and arms. With every stroke, the rowing machine strains multiple muscle groups for an intense workout session that will help you work your entire body. Good rowing machines show your progress so you will know how fast you are going, the number of calories burned, as well as your heart rate.

A quick run on the treadmill

Running is a great workout that can help you work your entire body and boast a toned body during summer. Running on a treadmill offers increased benefits because it allows you to monitor your running time and speed and the calories burned while running so you will know exactly your progress. The treadmill is one of the fitness equipment that delivers an intense cardio fitness meaning it forces your heart to pump blood at higher speeds so the effect on training the muscles will be increased.
Best Workouts for the Perfect Bikini Body Picture Best Workouts for the Perfect Bikini Body Picture

Squat with dumbbells

Combine squats with dumbbells for maximum results in getting a perfect bikini body. Stand with your legs spread wider and your back straight while holding one end of a dumbbell with both hands. Lower your upper body are into a squat with your arms straight and swing them in an arc until they reach above your head. Bend your elbows with the dumbbell still above your head while you raise from the squat, then repeat for 1 minute.


When you think about a bikini body, you can’t skip the crunches that make your abdomen look flat and sexy. For the best results, try a type of crunches that will contract your belly muscles along with your leg muscles. Lay on the ground with your legs straight and the hands under your head. Keep the legs floating two inches above the floor and lift your upper body area without allowing your legs to touch the ground. This will contract your lower body area and will help you tone your muscles.

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