How Lack of Sleep Affects Your Appearance

How much you sleep and the quality of your sleep not only affect your mood and your health but also influence the way you look. Not getting enough sleep leaves marks on your face and body so you’d better do something to improve the way you sleep. Discover below how poor sleep affects your appearance and how you can get better sleep.

Aged skin

During sleep, your skin recovers after a long day and rebuilds its structure so it will look fresher the next morning. Not sleeping enough or not having a quality sleep means your skin will not manage to remove the toxins and the dead cells gathered after a full day which will translate in an aged and wrinkled skin. While you sleep, your skin recovers its elasticity and releases helpful substances that help it fight wrinkles. This is why it’s so important that you sleep around 8 hours every night.
How Lack of Sleep Affects Your Appearance Picture How Lack of Sleep Affects Your Appearance Picture

Skin imperfections

Not getting enough sleep affects the moisture levels in your skin which leads to a low pH level that ruins the youthful and glowing aspect of your skin. When the pH gets too low, your skin is no longer able to produce natural moisture so it starts looking dryer. This leads to redness, irritation, and uneven skin tone.

Dark eye circles

The skin around your eyes is very sensitive and thin and while you sleep, it regenerates and becomes thicker. If you don’t sleep enough, the blood vessels under your eyes dilate and the skin becomes even thinner, which leads to the unpleasant dark circles that are the first signs of exhaustion. Get enough sleep and you will reduce the darkness around the eyes and help your skin cell regenerate.

Weight fluctuations

Chaotic sleep also affects your figure because your body can no longer regulate its metabolism and fight fat deposits. By not sleeping enough, you disturb your body’s balance so it no longer responds to diet as it should.
How Lack of Sleep Affects Your Appearance Picture How Lack of Sleep Affects Your Appearance Picture

Ways to sleep better

Once you have discovered the effects of lack of sleep on your appearance, it’s time you consider adjusting your sleep habits. If you are having troubles falling asleep at night, try taking some sleep inducers like Alteril that won’t cause addiction and don’t have any side effects. The natural ingredients in Alteril promote a better sleep and help you wake up more rested. If this method doesn’t appeal you, try using a sound machine at night so you will ignore surrounding noises that keep you awake and you will feel sleepy faster.

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