How to Choose the Right Clothes for Your Body Type

In a world where fashion is very versatile and strange, finding the right clothes for your body type may prove to be a challenge. However, fashion is only a tool to look better, so you have to find the optimal solution to highlight your body. Every woman is unique, and the body shapes and sizes are different, but by using the right clothes you can accentuate your positive features or hide your flaws. Here you will find some tips which will help you to find the right clothes.
How to Choose the Right Clothes for Your Body Picture How to Choose the Right Clothes for Your Body Picture

The body shapes

Firstly, you must know what is your body shape. You should start from measuring your bust, waist and hip sizes. If you know your body type you can more easily choose the right clothes for you. All bodies fall into one of the following categories: circle, triangle, rectangle or hourglass. Once you’ve done some research about your body shape you can start to choose the clothes.
How to Choose the Right Clothes for Your Body Picture How to Choose the Right Clothes for Your Body Picture

Find flattering clothes for your body type

If you have a circle or an apple body, it means that you are thick around the middle. It’s recommended to draw attentions to some other parts of your body, such as the shoulders, face, legs and even to your bust. Nobody should look to your waist. Try to wear well-fitted undergarments. That way, you will enhance your busts if you have a defined waist.
If you are tall, you can opt for longer tops, but if you are short these will make you shorter, so wear some tops that end below your waist.
If you have a triangle or a pear body shape, you are larger at the bottom, so you can use clothes with vertical lines or stripes to accentuate your waist. It’s also recommended to use belts. This way your waits can be more defined. Opt for a darker color at the bottom.
The people with a rectangle body shape have the similar sizes for hip, waist and shoulders. However, they can create some gentle curves by using details on the hips and the bottom. Because you need to create the idea of a waist, you should avoid high-waist jeans or trousers. You shouldn’t use the pencil skirts and clothes with stripes. If you have an hourglass body type use your waist as a focal point. You can draw attention with belts and clothes that pinch at the mid section. It’s recommended to wear stretchy materials and tailored pieces.

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