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How to Contour Your Face Like a Pro

Contouring your face very well is without a doubt very important, in order to hide the little imperfections of your face and actually highlight your beautiful facial features. You must do it perfectly in order to obtain the desired result, and if you would like to learn everything about this process, then here is how to contour your face like a pro.

How to Contour Your Face Like a Pro Picture How to Contour Your Face Like a Pro Picture

You must keep in mind to use the right foundation

This is a very important aspect which you should not omit. If you want perfect results, then you choose the right foundation for you. Take into account your skin type, and most of all, your skin tone. You will certainly not look very natural with a darker or lighter foundation than your skin tone. Choose only quality products that will make you look amazing.

The next step is to use a contour color

Once you have applied the foundation, you must use a contour color. In case you are light skinned, a bronzer would be perfect. Start the contouring process by applying the bronzer to the outer edges of the chin. Then you need to continue by applying a thin line between the highlighted areas of your eyelids and your nose. Furthermore, the bronzer must also be applied on the very outer edges of your forehead. By doing so, you will certainly manage to highlight your wonderful facial features.

Use a good highlighter powder

With a highlighter powder, you will be able to accentuate the desired facial features. Makeup artists recommend us to highlight just under our cheekbone contour, but you are free to highlight your nose bridge or forehead if you would like to. Your face can look kind of puffy due to the darker areas such as node, forehead, middle of the chin, or under your eyebrows. Therefore, in order to look better, you must definitely highlight them in order to seem fuller, healthier, and brighter.

Use a natural quality brush

It is very important to use a natural quality brush, in order to apply very well the powder, and therefore, obtain the desired result. You should not get a cheap tool if you really want to contour your face like a pro. Go for a professional brush, no matter how much it costs. It will certainly be an investment that will worth the money.

The last step is to observe what you have done

Step back and observe if you have missed any spot, whatsoever. You must carefully analyze your face and see exactly if you need to blend more or not. Reanalyzing what you have done and correct the little imperfections actually makes the difference between a clunky makeup and a very beautiful face. Hopefully, all these details will help you learn exactly how to contour your face like a pro.

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