How to Lose Body Fat without Losing Muscle

Plenty of people want to lose body fat, but they want this to happen without actually losing muscle. This is not a very easy result to obtain, but if you know exactly what are the right steps that you need to follow, you will achieve your goal without a doubt. Therefore, in case you think you need some help, here is how to lose body fat without losing muscle.

The main question that comes to your mind is how do you know whether you have been losing fat or muscle mass and the best way to find out is to use a body analysis scale that measures not only your weight but also your body fat, muscle, and water levels. This way, you will get an accurate body analysis that will clear how well your diet in going. Once you know this tip, it will be easier for you to lose body fat without losing any muscle mass.

It is highly recommended to avoid intense cardio exercise

You will probably be surprised by such an advice, but specialists say that this type of exercise will actually affect the recovery of your muscle fibers and nervous system as well. Furthermore, typical steady state cardio will have the same effect, which is certainly not something that will help you achieve your goal. Therefore, if you choose this type of physical exercises, then you must make sure they are not intense, although it is highly recommended to not do them at all, due to the fact that they are actually quite problematic when it comes to preserving muscle.

You must not omit to eat only healthy food

You obviously cannot lose body fat if you do not eat healthy, and if you eat lots of unhealthy food. Therefore, you should seriously think about quit eating fatty foods and sweets. Chocolate, for example, should be completely eliminated from your diet, except the black one, which is actually quite healthy. If you want to lose weight, but still keep your muscles, then you must go for salads, and fruits. Fish is also another great choice, which will certainly help you achieve your goal. Nuts are highly recommended, and you should actually eat any type of nuts. Try and eat organic food as often as you can, in order to obtain the desired result, and also be healthy.

Protein supplements should not miss from your diet

If you take proteins for a specific period of time, they will definitely increase your weight loss, and also prevent the loss of muscle mass, which is actually the result you want to obtain. Protein supplements are without a doubt very effective at maintaining and building lean muscle mass if they are taken regularly after every workout. All in all, protein supplements will certainly have a positive impact on your body, and you must go for them.

It is very important to get enough sleep

If you want to know exactly how to lose body fat without losing muscle, then beside the things mentioned earlier, you will also need to get enough sleep. If you are rested, you will be able to concentrate very well on your workouts and not only. It is recommended to sleep about 7 hours every night. Keep in mind that too much sleep will make you feel very tired. Another important thing that you must not forget to do is to get a body fat analyzer, in order to monitor very well all the changes your body goes through.

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