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How to Make Your Lips Seem Fuller

Full and voluptuous lips are a great beauty asset that every woman dreams to have, only that some women have not been so gifted from Mother Nature. Since lip fillers and cosmetic surgery are not such a good idea, you might want to try some simple and effective beauty tricks that will help you make your lips look fuller.
How to Make Your Lips Seem Fuller Picture How to Make Your Lips Seem Fuller Picture

Remove dead cells

Dry and dull lips no longer reflect light so they will seem smaller and less voluptuous unless you do something to revitalize them. The simplest way is to use a toothbrush to remove dry skin cells from your lips and improve blood flow that will make them look fuller and in an intense shade of red.

Brush them with brown sugar

Another great exfoliating method is to use brown sugar that will remove dead cells while boosting blood circulation. Mix brown sugar and honey for maximum nourishing and moisturizing of your lips and use the mixture to massage your lips prior to applying makeup.

Use a nude lip liner

While red or dark brown can make your lips look unnatural, a nude lip liner can help you increase the volume of your lips in a natural and soft way. Create a uniform edge that will secure the lip in place and will give the feeling of bigger and fuller lips.
How to Make Your Lips Seem Fuller Picture How to Make Your Lips Seem Fuller Picture

Try the ombre effect

Ombre lips are a great beauty trend that not only looks good but also adds volume to your lips. The idea is to use a darker lip color on the contour of your lips and a lighter shade on the interior of the lips so the effect will be of bigger lips. While at it, draw two lines of a darker color at the middle of both lips then blend the two shades together to create the illusion of fuller lips.

Wear a minty lip balm

Minty lip balms have an effect similar to lip fillers only that these last shorter and are non-invasive so you can peacefully wear them at all times. Try a lip balm with peppermint or spearmint extracts and experience the instant lip-enhancing feeling you will get from the mint that boosts blood circulation in your lips.
How to Make Your Lips Seem Fuller Picture How to Make Your Lips Seem Fuller Picture

Master the lip liner

If you are good at applying lip liner, try creating the impression of fuller lips by drawing a contour that is slightly above the natural contour of your lips. For great results, apply foundation on the lips to mask your natural lips and draw a line 1 millimeter above your lips’ contour. Then, fill the lips with lipstick to blend the two shades.

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