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How to Protect Sensitive Skin in Winter

Everybody knows that our skin is more sensitive during the winter time. Moreover, during this harsh period, your skin needs extra care if you want to avoid some skin disorders and unpleasant problems. Here you will find a few tips that might help you find the best solution for protecting your sensitive skin in winter.
How to Protect Sensitive Skin in Winter Picture How to Protect Sensitive Skin in Winter Picture

Moisturize your skin more

Even if you found a moisturizer that helps you during the spring and summer times, you must change it in the cold period if you want to avoid some skin problems. It’s recommended to buy an oil based moisturizer, rather than a water-based one, which is the lotion. The oil will help the skin be better moisturized while the cream doesn’t have the same properties. It’s better to moisturize your skin after you wash. This way you will keep your skin better hydrated. However, you should also think about seeking a specialist. He can advise you what type of skin care products you should use. We advise you to avoid wet socks or gloves. So if you’re planning on having a snowball fight, make sure you wear quality gloves and boots that will keep your hands and feet dry. These can cause irritations, cracks, and even eczema. Plenty of people thinks that they will be hydrated as long as they drink sufficient water. You should know that this is a misconception. The water will not help your skin look younger. This is good for your health, but for the skin it is also important to use a good moisturizer.

The humidifier

Nowadays, plenty of people installs a humidifier in their homes. This will help you moisturize the air. Besides protecting your sensitive skin during the harsh season, the humidifier will help you prevent many respiratory problems such as asthma and even allergies. It’ recommended to keep the humidifier in your bedroom, because that is where you will spend your nights and you should enjoy its benefits while you’re sleeping. You can also try to install small humidifiers the rest of the rooms. This way you will raise the humidity levels of your whole house. It’s recommended to frequently clean every humidifier from your home to prevent bacteria growth and mold.
How to Protect Sensitive Skin in Winter Picture How to Protect Sensitive Skin in Winter Picture
Before you buy a humidifier, you should do some research. You will probably find many types of humidifiers on the market, but you must choose the best option for you. However, it’s recommended to choose a warm mist humidifier. The mist that it delivers is closer to your skin temperature. You can also try to put a bowl with warm water on top of the radiator. This is also a way to add moisture to the air.

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