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How to Take Care of Damaged Hair

Daily styling, using the flat iron on high temperatures, excessive dyeing, and other aggressive processes can harm your hair and make it lose its natural shine and beauty. Not taking proper care of your hair can cause it severe damage that can’t be repaired and forces you to cut your hair. In order to prevent that, here are some hair care tips that will make sure your hair stays soft and smooth.

Wash your hair carefully

When you wash your hair, avoid using water too hot that will cause even more damage and even rinse it with cold water to create a thermal shock that will lock the moisture in it. Always apply a hair conditioner on the ends to make them less split. A leave-in serum for the ends also works to add moisture and prevent damaged ends.

Be careful when you dye it

When it comes to hair coloring and perming, don’t do it all at once so you will give your hair time to recover after a harmful treatment. If you want to dye your hair in a lighter color, don’t go more than two tones lighter because this will affect the hair too deeply. Use only quality products and resort to the help of a good hairstylist if you want to make a dramatic change that requires intense bleaching.

Use quality hair styling devices

People with curly hair usually prefer to straighten it most of the times to make it easier to style and for that, they use a flat iron. However, the extended use of a hair straightener that heats the hair can results in serious damage to the hair, unless we are talking about using a quality product like the Solia st134. We came to the conclusion that the wide plates were efficient in straightening more hair, thus reducing the number of passes over the hair, respectively the heat damage. Plus, it has an adjustable temperature setting that allows you to control the heat level according to your hair type.
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Apply a hair mask

A weekly hair mask will ensure that your hair receives the necessary nutrients it needs to grow healthy and smooth. Make your own mask from olive oil and honey or coconut oil and honey and apply it once a week or twice a week if the hair is too damaged. Yogurt and egg yolk are also great for your hair because they contain proteins that nourish and moisturize the hair.
How to Take Care of Damaged Hair Picture How to Take Care of Damaged Hair Picture

Nourish your hair from the inside

Your hair care and nourishment also come from the inside, more precisely from what you eat, so you should eat more proteins and vitamins if you want to have a healthy hair. Include in your diet fruits, vegetables, eggs, fish, and nuts so you will have plenty of nutrients to feed your hair.

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