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Tips for a Perfect Smokey Eyes Makeup

A makeup style that can be rocked in a variety of situations is the smokey eyes makeup. No matter if you have a fancy event to attend, or you simply want to go to a concert, the smokey eyes look is the best choice to go with. If you want to learn how to create the perfect smokey eyes makeup, read the following lines and apply the advice given here.
Tips for a Perfect Smokey Eyes Makeup Picture Tips for a Perfect Smokey Eyes Makeup Picture

Choose the right colors

To create the smokey eyes makeup, you need at least 3 shades of a similar hue. To create the classic smokey eye, you should use black or gray. Another classic option to go with is to use bronze and brown. If you have green eyes, you should create the smokey eye using gray and plum. In case you have blue eyes, you should go with gold or copper. Also, if you have brown eyes, compliment them with a combination of navy and gray. To create this look, use a light shade, a creamy color, a medium base, and a dark color. Avoid using colors that are too bright. If you have very fair skin, avoid using colors that are too dark. After all, this makeup should accentuate your face, not distract from it.

Apply your face makeup before you begin

When you want to create the smokey eyes look, you have to apply your face makeup before you begin creating the smokey eyes. Apply concealer under your eyes, and make sure that you cover any dark or red spots with the concealer as well. Apply a powder foundation over the top. Add dimension to your face by applying blush or bronzer. In case you go with the bronzer, sweep it into the hollows of your cheeks with a large brush. If you go with the blush, make sure that you blend it into the apples of your cheeks.

Add a modern twist

A modern take on the smokey eyes look that you can try in order to impress is to add purple to the mix. To achieve this dramatic and modern twist, apply pale violet shadow on your lids, and blend a dark plum shadow into the creases. You should line the lower lashes with a black liner, and top with a layer of dark purple shadow that you apply with a wet brush.

Clean the excess shadow

Make sure that at the end you erase your mistakes. But be careful when you do it to not ruin your makeup. To carefully remove the excess makeup, dip a cotton swab in concealer. Afterward, skim the cotton swab over the skin. The concealer on the cotton swab will pick up the shadow without smudging the makeup.

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